« I define force as a spiritual virtue, indivisible power, from accidental external pressure generated by movement. It forces every creature to change shape and space. Powerless, nothing moves. Increases with effort and disappears with rest. Often, by its movement, it creates a new force. »

Léonard de Vinci

IBI : Industrie, Bourse, International

IBI, which I created in 1996, is a Listing Sponsor and an independent consulting firm which specializes in the preparation and successful launch of IPO and Initial Bond Offering projects, leading company managers to enjoy the fantastic capital market tools by issuing:

  • Shares, allowing liquidity or potential liquidity for capital
  • Bonds, which is possible for medium sized companies in France since 2012 and in several countries in the world.

IBI, Consultants in IPO and Listing Sponsor, has led its clients from all business sectors into the stock markets that are open to Medium Cap shares such on the pan-european Euronext markets.

On December 31th 2019, the Stock Market value of our listed customers totalled 17.8 billion Euros, compared to 1.1 billion Euros on the first trading day.

We have notably led investors to discover many companies that specialize in residential services: individual classes, property investment consulting, hairstyling, respiratory assistance, hospitalization and at-home care.

In five years, one of our references has increased its revenue and its stock market value sixfold, reaching € 22 M and € 122 M respectively. In three years, another client has doubled its revenue and more than tripled its stock market value to € 230 million and € 750 million respectively.

More than one in three companies we advised has already changed from her initial market listing to another on the Euronext range with our support, motivated with our shared values: ambition, efficiency, and the long-term.

Since their introduction on the Stock Market and without prejudging the future, as compared to the first day of trading, 80% of our references have doubled their stock price, 50% have quadrupled it, 16% have increased it tenfold, and 8% have multiplied it by more than 40.

We have implemented alternative and additionnal solutions to financial market tracks by launching the Corporate Finance & Family Business – CFFB range focused on business independance and sustainability.

IPO is my initial passion. It is sometimes necessary to implement a CFFB approach to transform the wish into reality.

Because my core passion is seing a company getting higher and more prosperous.


Listing sponsor by EURONEXT approval